PTSD Causes and Effects – and Why It's More Common Than You Think

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is still often mistaken for a mental health condition that only affects military veterans or people who have lived in war zones. There is also a growing understanding that sexual and physical abuse can lead to PTSD. When that abuse is in childhood, victims can bury it deep within, and it can manifest as complex PTSD.

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Thousands of people have undiagnosed - and therefore untreated - post-traumatic stress disorder. The reason is partly due to lingering myths about its causes and effects. There is also a misconception that you only ‘deserve’ help for PTSD if your trauma involved something like a war zone or abuse.

The likelihood of experiencing a significant trauma in your life is high. PTSD can alter your brain chemistry in ways you need to recognize so that you can avoid issues with your career, relationships, and quality of life.

This article explored the causes and effects of PTSD to normalize seeking help with recovery. Please share it with your friends! Also, let me know what you thought about it!